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OnCamber LLC Announces Participation in USTCC’s new Prototype Class

OnCamber LLC is proud to announce our participation in USTCC’s new Prototype Class. The OC-1F Acura RSX Type-S is equipped with the company’s proprietary suspension design, currently pending US and International patents. Participating in the USTCC Prototype Class will allow us to develop and test the suspension’s durability in an actual racing environment. Our greatest hope is to incorporate this technology into passenger cars so that the general public may benefit from the suspension’s enhanced performance and safety.

OnCamber’s suspension is strictly mechanical in design and can be likened to a turning motorcycle, as it allows the wheels to “lean into” turns. Actively varying the camber angle of the wheels maximizes the tires’ contact patch throughout cornering, accelerating, and braking. Specifically,
• Without the need for running static negative camber, tire life can be greatly improved.
• The unloaded tire sustains positive relative camber during cornering, minimizing “wheel lock” and “flat spotting” during corner entry braking.
• For Front Wheel Drive cars, increased corner exit speeds and enhanced traction under acceleration.

OnCamber Inc. is currently developing this technology for Touring Car racing in the United States but are actively seeking business partners in other areas of motorsports and automotive technologies. To date, our efforts have gained interest from Formula One teams and car manufacturers.