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Competitor Bulletin #2

The following rules are changed or clarification is added:
5.4.2 has the following clarification regarding boost monitoring of forced
induction cars. The following are approved methods:
a) A boost gauge such as Autometer P/N: 4377 or Greddy 16000802
b) Data Acquisition system (Motec, MaxQData, AIM, etc) with an OEM
MAP boost sensor directly feeding the data acquisition system.
All installations must be approved by the USTCC Tech Team.
6.6.1 is changed to read:
The front windshield may be replaced with Lexan. The minimum
thickness is 3/16 and shall be properly supported from the inside.
6.18.1 is changed to read:
Only 100% petroleum based pump gas of a 104 maximum octane rating is
allowed. No other fuel additives are allowed.