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MaxQData Monitoring Forced Induction Cars in 2007 Hankook US Touring Car Championship

January 8, 2006 -- Richmond, CA - Series officials announced today that competitors in the 2007 Hankook United States Touring Car Championship (USTCC) who are running forced induction cars will be required to use a MaxQData data acquisition system in their cars for boost monitoring purposes. MaxQData is making available a special data acquisition package for USTCC competitors, comprising an MQ200-RT datalogger, Bluetooth adaptor, GPS module, and regulation MAP sensor for $695. “The MaxQData system has already proven itself in USTCC competition, and with the MQ200-RT we will be able to monitor boost levels on the cars during competition easily and accurately,” said Ali Arsham, USTCC Series Coordinator. “We are pleased to continue our relationship with USTCC,” said Ed Lansinger, President of MaxQData, LLC. “This system will provide competitors the data they need to extract top performance from their cars while ensuring they stay within the rules on boost.” The system was tested during the 2006 season and is currently employed by several teams. The system also measures throttle position, lateral and longitudinal acceleration, speed, rpm, and lap time. Teams planning to run a forced induction car in 2007 should contact MaxQData for further details on the USTCC package.

About MaxQData: MaxQData, LLC has been developing innovating vehicle data acquisition systems since 2002. Targeting both amateur racers and professional R&D groups, MaxQData has led the way in making GPS, OBD-II, and MEMS technologies affordable. MaxQData is a trademark of MaxQData, LLC. MaxQData can be reached at info@maxqdata.com or 425-562-3423.