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TCR™ USA Championship Scheduled for 2015

Continuing the series of announcements regarding the new TCR™ category of Touring Car racing, another national TCR racing series has been announced in the USA. The racing series is in line with the goal to establish a worldwide base for touring cars.

TCR USA National Championship will run as a promotional category for 2015 within the well-established US Touring Car Championship (USTCC), with a full season of competition in 2016.

TCR is based on a concept to use pre-developed race cars that cost around $100,000 and offer reasonable running costs. The engines are based on normal production power units and should last an entire season without needing a rebuild while offering around 330hp. Production paddle-shift sequential gearboxes are used and limited aerodynamic aids are allowed.

The TCR will allow teams and drivers to race with the very same car in different levels depending on their budgets and desires. The top level will be the TCR International Series which will race worldwide and on some occasions as support for Formula 1. The next level down will be the Regional series that will race in regions of the world such as North and Central America, Asia, etc. The bottom will be the National championships which will be raced in single countries. This will create more opportunities for teams to run the same cars at different national and international events.

Ali Arsham, USTCC Director commented: “The TCR concept is a fantastic idea that should create a uniform platform worldwide and should open the doors for many teams around the globe. The TCR USA Championship is a perfect place for American based teams for racing and getting increased exposure, close competition, and more opportunities.”

Further announcements regarding the new TCR USA series will be made in due course, including teams, cars and the 2015 calendar.