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Michael Whelden Does the Hat Trick in Utah in Touring and Collects $2500. Akhromstev Goes from First to Last to First in GT.

Tooele, UT -- Michael Whelden, driving the San Rafael Mitsubishi/ Hawk Mitsubishi Lancer, started from pole position in the Touring class and led every lap on his way to victory and set the fastest lap. In the GT class, Daniel Akhromstev started on pole in his Red Star Racing BMW M3 but stalled it at the start and was passed by the entire field until he was able to re-fire the engine but still managed to score a victory.

Behind Whelden the battle for second place was intense between the Hawk/Sparta BMW M3 of Justin Crickenberger, the Speed SF Track Day Nissan 350Z of Patrick Chio and the Hawk/Sparta BMW M3 of Beau Borders. Crickenberger, driving in his first USTCC race, was doing well and had the speed but had to back out of it due to overheating which left the second place duel between Borders and Chio. Chio, who started behind Circkenberger, was actually quicker and after passing Crickenberger went after Borders. He caught Borders with three laps to go and on the last lap tried to make a move but ended up locking his front tire and the two cars collided. The collision was minor and only resulted in the plastic bumper cover falling off on Borders’ BMW. The end result was that Chio lost all momentum and had to settle for third place.

In the GT class, Akhromstev's day looked bleak after his stall but he put his head down and knew that he had 45 minutes to catch up to the leader. He quickly set fast lap after fast lap and with two laps to go got alongside newcomer Travis Tidball's Chevrolet Corvette in Turn 1. Akhromstev made the move stick and finished first after dropping to last place. Mike Holland's Mendeola Powertrains FFR GTM finished third after leading the first few laps.

Tom Milburn won the Sportsman category in his Bay Area Drafting Acura RSX.

Special Awards

Wine Country Motorsports
Michael McColligan finished sixth and ended up winning the Wine Country Motorsports $150 gift certificate. Wine Country Motorsports have a huge selection of automotive gear for any car enthusiast.
Whiteline Performance Suspension
Whiteline Performance makes some terrific suspension components and Rod Rojas earned a $300 gift certificate for Whiteline Suspension. Rojas blew up the engine on his primary car but did not give up and ended up renting a backup car for the race.
Swift Spring
Mike Holland drove a great race and took the lead in the first few laps in the GT class. He won a set of Swift Springs of his choice that they can use for the next race to go faster.
Stack Gauges
Rod Rojas did not have a good weekend after his engine exploded on Sunday morning but he did not give up and the team got him in a backup car so that they can score some points. For that he won a new Stack oil pressure gauge to help his chances at the next race.
Specialty Products Company
Michael McColligan did not have a great weekend at Miller as he tried to deal with the heat overheating everything in the Mazda. At least now he has a Fastrax camber and caster gauge to help with suspension tuning on the RX8.
Sampson Racing
The Sampson Radio Communications award went to Mike Holland who looked strong all weekend long in the GT class. He won a $100 gift certificate that the team can use for team communications equipment.
Rostra Precision
Rostra Precision provided a high resolution back up camera to Tom Milburn who won in the Sportsman class and now can use the high-tech system to see everyone behind him.
Rescue Tape
Rescue Tape is a revolutionary silicone repair tape that can save your race by fixing small leaks. Everyone needs to have one in their toolbox and the award this time went to Justin Crickenberger.
Race Ramps
The Race Ramps award is certainly one of the most popular awards that the drivers shoot for. The crowd favorite had to be Daniel Akhromstev who went from first to last to first during the race. He won a $300 certificate towards the purchase of a set of Race Ramps.
Powerbuilt Tools
The Powerbuilt Tools award went to Daniel Akhromstev who ran strong in the GT class and made a pass for the lead with two laps to go. Akhromstev now has a new Powerbuilt professional torque wrench to use at the next race.
Patrick Chio did not look like a rookie as he and his 2009 USTCC Champion co-driver Andrie Hartanto put their Nissan 350Z on the podium. Chio won a Plastex plastic repair master kit and was the Plastex Top Rookie of the race.
The Perma-Cool award was won by Justin Crickenberger. Everyone seemed to be having heat issues at Miller and Crickenberger had to back out of a potential podium finish due to the heat. Crickenberger now has a $200 gift certificate that he can use so that he does not have this issue ever again.
Mothers Clean Car
The Mothers Clean Car award went to the Mazda RX8 of Michael McColligan. The huge crowd at Miller showed their appreciation for the beautiful RX8 as they surrounded the car at every opportunity. He earned a complete car cleaning kit full of Mothers products to keep the new paint job looking new.
Ironclad Performance Crew
Team Life’s Good Racing showed up with an army of people to service three cars in the race and all cars were very competitive and two ended up on the podium. They won the Ironclad Performance Crew award along with a box full of Ironclad’s gloves for the team.
Disc Brake Australia
DBA brake rotors are legendary with their kangaroo paw vents. Winning the DBA award was Tom Milburn who was quick all weekend long and received a set of the DBA high performance rotors for a great job.
CSF Radiators Cool Move of the Race
The coolest move of the race was by Michael Whelden who dominated all weekend long and was the quickest car in pretty much every session. Sounds like a great move to us which is why he won a new CSF racing radiator of his choice for his efforts.
CRC products are the official chemicals of USTCC and Beau Borders received a huge assortment pack of CRC products by winning the CRC Award for a fantastic drive that landed him on the podium.
Autometer provided their new professional tire gauge to Beau Borders who can use it to accurately set up his car at the next race. Borders came very close to winning three races in a row but was one position shy at the end.
Michael McColligan was very frustrated dealing with the heat and the thin air at Utah but now he has his choice of Airaid air intake systeme for the hard work of at least finishing the race.
The$600 cash AFE Power award was provided to the top three cars in Touring and GT. In the Touring class, the top three were Michael Whelden in first place, Beau Borders in second place and Patrick Chio in third place. In the GT class, the top three were Daniel Akhromstev in his BMW M3 followed by Travis Tidball’s Chevrolet Corvette and Mike Holland in a FFR GTM. The drivers won cash awards from AFE Power for being the best in their field, just like AFE Power.
Advanced Clutch Technology
Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT) makes some of the best clutches in the business and the ACT award went to Patrick Chio who can use the new ACT clutch to go a little quicker and move closer to the top step of the podium.