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Shawhan Makes It Three in a Row in Utah

Tooele, Utah -- Michael Shawhan beat out all challengers once again in the Touring class and won his third in a row in the BTM Motorwerks BMW 330i. Shawhan's teammate Brad McClure scored the win in the Super Touring class in his BTM Motorwerks Porsche 911. Larry Bani had problems with his engine in the Wheels BMW M3 but he had enough to pull out a win in the Sportsman class. Daniel Akhromtsev looked like he may not even get to start after a differential failed on race day but the team fixed it and made the race and took the victory in the Red Star Racing BMW M3 in the GT class.

In the Touring class, Shawhan looked extremely quick all weekend but Gary Sheehan’s Wheels Hyundai Genesis Coupe was a strong challenger. The two were separated by less than 7/100 of a second in practice. In qualifying, the two teams employed different strategies. BTM went out for their hot lap right out of the gate while the team waited for their chance at clear track. Once a clear section was found Sheehan went for his hot lap. Unfortunately, one of the other cars managed to crash at that point and the stewards decided that cleaning up the mess would take too long so the session was halted. That meant that Sheehan didn’t have a good lap but Shawhan already had a good lap in the bank. Patrick Chio, driving the SpeedSF/Z Car Garage Nissan 350Z, also had a good lap in the bank and would start second. Sheehan would start third.

In Super Touring, the battle was very close between the top three cars. Brad McClure found pole position by a slim margin over Doug Makishima’s SanDisk/MCS BMW M3 who was barely ahead of Roger Eagleton’s Wheels BMW M3.

In Sportman, the points leader Larry Bani also was a victim of the shortened session and had to start third in the Wheels BMW M3. Managing to win his first pole position in USTCC was the Racing Beat/Mazdatrix Mazda RX8 of Michael McColligan. Starting behind would be the Red Star Racing BMW M3 of Dmytro Pykhanov.

In the GT class, the point leader Akhromtsev could not even make it to qualifying which meant that he would have to start last. Getting the pole position was the winner of the last race in GT, Daniel Rose in the TNI Racing Mazdaspeed 3. Behind him would be the Tappped Racing Aquila CR-1 of Ken Kurtz who was running as an exhibition entry.

Once the field was set, the only thing left was to start the race. With lots of local NASCAR fans watching, they were introduced to the USTCC standing start. The start ended up costing Makishima as his BMW suffered a broken differential mount at the start.

Sheehan on the other hand had a great start and managed to jump to first place by turn one. He took the first place position in the Touring class and was not looking back but his glory would not last long as the transmission would suddenly not want to shift. “With no warning, it was stuck in gear and I finally got it out and I had no gears.” Said Sheehan. Magically after he was passed by the leaders, the transmission fixed itself and was fine again. Sheehan charged forward again to try to catch up to the leaders but he ended up with a flat tire and his day was done. Chio brought the Nissan home in second in Touring and Andy Chittum was ecstatic to finish third in the MiniDeck Motorsports Ford Fiesta.

In Super Touring, the battle was between the BMW of Eagleton and the Porsche of McClure. McClure was just a bit quicker and took the early lead and never looked back. Eagleton had engine issues during the race which killed his chances to challenge McClure and he was satisfied with a second place finish. Makishima ended up third.

In Sportsman, Larry Bani once again showed his strength as he took charge of the race in his BMW. He also had engine issues but learned to manage his problems. “The car would not rev and so it was important to not lose any momentum. It was actually a learning experience to not slow down as much as possible for the corners and fortunately the handling was superb.” commented Bani after the race. Dmytro Pykhanov finished second in his BMW and McColligan finished third in the Mazda.

In GT, it was Akhromtsev who charged to the lead and took the win in the Red Star Racing BMW M3. Daniel Rose finished second in the TNI Racing Mazdaspeed 3 and Vesko Kozarov finished third in his Nissan 370Z. Ken Kurtz finished first in the exhibition Prototype class in the Tapped Racing/Baer Brakes Aquila CR-1.

Special Awards

Wine Country Motorsports
The Wine Country Motorsports award went to the fourth place finisher which was Gary Sheehan who won a $150 gift certificate.
Whiteline Performance Suspension
Whiteline Performance makes some of the best suspension components in the business and Daniel Rose ended up scoring a $300 gift certificate.
Swift Spring
Michael McColligan scored his first pole position at Utah and won a set of Swift Springs of his choice to make his car go even faster.
Stack Gauges
Dmytro Pykhanov finished in second place in Sportsman and won the Stack Award with a new Stack oil pressure gauge.
Specialty Products Company
Daniel Rose followed up his win at Sonoma with a second place in Utah earning him a Specialty Products Company Fastrax camber caster gauge with toe attachment.
Sound Stream
Doug Makishima really wanted to win but his differential had other ideas. He did win a new Sound Stream DVD navigation head unit that can provide enjoyment in any car.
ScanGauge is an OBD2 gauge and code reader that works really well and doesn’t take up much space. Andy Chittum’s Ford Fiesta also doesn’t take up much space and worked really well putting him on the podium in the Touring class.
Sampson Racing
Communications is vital in racing and the BTM team was great finishing neck and neck for a great photo finish at the line. Brad McClure wins a gift certificate for radio communications products.
Rostra Precision
Ken Kurtz brought out a new Danish supercar, an Aquila CR-1 and had a blast. He won a Rostra backup cameras system that he can use for any car.
Rescue Tape
There are many times when you need to seal something and Rescue Tape is a revolutionary way to tape it without glue. The silicone tape works on gasoline, oil and other solvents and leaves no residue. Winning a sample package was Dmytro Pykhanov who finished second place in Sportsman.
Ram Mounts
Ram Mounts is a great way to mount your devices on anything from your bicycle to your car. Roger Eagleton won an X Grip mount plus a $150 certificate for other accessories.
Race Ramps
Patrick Chio should not have even made it to the track after the team blew up their engine days before Utah. They changed the motor and fought through many issues and never even thought about giving up. They ended up finishing in second place. They truly earned a set of Race Ramps to make their life easier when loading up.
Michael Shawhan was the top finishing rookie, winning his class. He earned a Plastex plastic repair kit for those emergency repairs that always come up.
Daniel Akhromtsev had heat issues with his differential so a $200 gift certificate for Perma Cool cooling products may be just what he needs.
Disc Brake Australia
Michael McColligan is getting quicker at each event and they scored their first pole at Utah. The team won a set of Disc Brake Australia high performance brake rotors for their efforts.
CSF Radiators Cool Move of the Race
Patrick Chio was lucky to make it to Utah after blowing up their engine a few days before the race. The crew swapped the engine, tuned it and put it on the dyno and made it to the race and finished second. Great job for not giving up and they were rewarded with a new aluminum radiator from CSF.
CRC provided a large sample of their chemicals to Michael Shawhan for his outstanding drive, starting from pole and winning the Touring class.
Cobra Top Team
With a first place in Touring and a first place in Super Touring, the BTM team was the Cobra Top Team winning a Cobra radar detector for their trip home.
Classic Motorbooks
Roger Eagleton was disappointed not to win as he had engine issues but second place is not bad and a set of terrific books from Classic Motorbooks is even better.
Gary Sheehan had such an up and down weekend. He had a chance to go for pole position but the session was cut short and then he lead the race with transmission issues popping up and putting him in third place. Then he fought back to the front only to get a flat tire. He won an Autometer professional tire gauge and a battery maintainer courtesy of Autometer Products.
Advanced Clutch Technology
Larry Bani suffered through engine issues but still managed to win his class. He won the Advanced Clutch Technology $500 award.
Winning the Sportsman class was Larry Bani, center. Dmytro Pykhanov finished in second, left, and Michael McColligan finished in third, right.
Optima Batteries
Optima Battery is the ultimate power source. On the podium in GT Class were Daniel Akromtsev, first place and Daniel Rose, second place. Vesko Kozarov finished third (not pictured). In the Super Touring class it was Brad McClure first place, Roger Eagleton second place and Doug Makishima in third place. In the Touring class it was Michael Shawhan first place, Patrick Chio in second place and Andy Chittum in third place.
Go Pro
Go Pro provides a free GoPro to the winner of Touring, Super Touring and GT classes. Winning the GT class was Daniel Akhromtsev. Winning the Super Touring class was Brad McClure and winning the Touring class was Michael Shawhan.